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How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel precision tubes

Update:14 Apr 2021

Stainless steel has the characteristics of stainless st […]

Stainless steel has the characteristics of stainless steel, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and generally non-magnetic austenite. Stainless steel is one of our common high-grade alloy steels, such as stainless steel knives, stainless steel kitchen utensils, stainless steel building materials, etc. in our daily lives.

The stainless steels we see daily are mostly nickel-chromium stainless steels with basically the same steel grades such as 302 and 304, and chromium stainless steels with 1-4 Cr13 (common people call "stainless iron"). In my country, there are more than 100 stainless steel varieties (steel grades), and the elements and contents of the steel grades are different, and their performance and value are also very different. Therefore, the distinction of stainless steel must be carefully studied, to clarify the steel number mark, and to use methods such as comprehensive tests to correctly identify it.

At present, we mainly use the following methods to distinguish stainless steel precision tubes:

The source of stainless steel precision pipes is generally orders from steel mills or imports from foreign countries, as well as the overstocked processing products of the society. The source of stainless steel precision tube is different, and its distinguishing method is also different.

To distinguish the stainless steel materials ordered by imported or steel mills, generally only need to check the marks on the steel or packaging according to the quality certificate of the imported or steel mills.

The quality certificate is the supplier's confirmation and guarantee of the inspection results of the batch of products. Therefore, the quality certificate not only states the name, specification, number of delivered pieces, weight, and delivery status of the material, but also must state all the inspection results of the specified guarantee items.

Similarly, in order to facilitate management, avoid confusion and prevent use accidents due to confusion, the manufacturer marks the brand, batch number, status, specifications, quantity, and manufacturer code on the materials or packaging. The marked mark should be consistent with the content of the quality certificate.

The commonly used marking methods mainly include the following three types: coloring (paint the color indicating its brand on the specified part of the material), printing (stamp or spray printing on the specified part of the material to indicate the material's brand, specification, furnace pot number, etc. , Often used on thick steel plates or large and medium-sized steel), listing (on bundles or boxes of materials, hanging signs indicating the brand number, batch number, specification, quantity, etc.).

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