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How to replace the nut of the shower nozzle hose

Update:13 Aug 2021

Nowadays, most families have water heaters installed in […]

Nowadays, most families have water heaters installed in the bathrooms. Water heaters bring great convenience to everyone’s life. If you want to use a water heater, you must have a shower nozzle hose. If the nut of the hose is broken, how to replace it. Woolen cloth?
Under normal circumstances, one end of the hose is connected to the shower, and the other end is connected to the outlet pipe of the water heater. There will be a hexagonal inner wire fastener at the end of the connection pipe. If you have more strength, you can directly remove it by hand. Open or tighten, when necessary, you can use a wrench to assist in disassembly and tightening. There is no hexagonal fastening nut at this end of the shower head, but there will be a round nut fastener. When replacing it, just turn it counterclockwise to remove the hose and replace it. For the new hose, fasten the nozzle and the round nut, and pay attention to the seal not to be missed. The seal can ensure the tightness of the hose and avoid water leakage in a short time.

Since the joints of the shower nozzle hose are basically metal parts, the probability of damage is relatively low. However, if the material of the shower head is plastic, it is more likely to be damaged than the hose, so it only needs to be replaced. The new shower is fine.
How to judge which end of the shower nozzle hose is damaged? It is actually very simple. Just change the direction of the hose and install it. If the connection with the water heater outlet is normal, then the hose is good. The shower head needs to be replaced. If the shower head can be connected normally after changing the direction, it means that the thread of the hose connector is damaged and a new hose needs to be replaced.

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