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Is PVC shower hose universal?

Update:22 Jan 2021

PVC shower hose has become a very common sanitary produ […]

PVC shower hose has become a very common sanitary product in family life, but it is a kind of consumable. When the shower hose in the house is damaged and needs to be replaced, many people will have doubts whether different brands of hoses are universal of

In China, there has been an industry standard for water pipelines for a long time. Therefore, the size of shower hoses is generally uniform.
But even so, when buying a hose, you still need to pay attention to the size, because the outer diameter of shower hoses on the market is divided into several types, 14 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm and 18 mm.
Therefore, when you need to replace the PVC shower hose, you can take the old hose to the hardware store and compare the new and old hoses, then you will not buy the wrong hose.

Maintenance of PVC shower hose
It should be known that the service life of shower hoses is limited. If they are used properly, they can avoid frequent replacement in a short time.
Generally, hoses are prone to ageing in frequently bent parts. Damaged, so you should pay attention to minimize large bends and keep the hose naturally stretched.
In addition, the hose should not be directly exposed to the sun, because the hose will age faster under high temperature conditions, and the temperature of the water delivered by the shower hose should not exceed 80 degrees.

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