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Storage method of PVC shower matte pipe

Update:02 Mar 2021

Since the PVC shower frosted pipe is made of plastic, i […]

Since the PVC shower frosted pipe is made of plastic, its hardness cannot be compared with that of metal. When storing, avoid excessive stress, and also cannot be elongated or deformed. When storing, keep away from sharp objects. Avoid direct contact with hard ground, keep away from chemicals, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances, and avoid direct sunlight.

Storage method of PVC shower matte pipe

If possible, storage racks can be placed in the warehouse to store PVC shower matte pipe products. When storing, it should be placed flat and not stacked. If the conditions are limited and stacking is required, the height of the stack must be controlled, and the stack must not be too high, so as to prevent the bottom hose from being squeezed and permanent deformation.

Some PVC shower frosted pipes are packaged in coils, so try to avoid hanging on wooden stakes when storing; do not bend the PVC shower frosted pipes supplied in a straight state, and try to keep them straight during storage. status.

During storage, pay attention to prevent animal bites. For example, rats, pets, etc. may bite the outer layer of the PVC shower scrub tube and affect its use. You can properly do some protection in the warehouse.

The warehouse needs to classify the different specifications and sizes of similar products, so that they can be sorted, counted and shipped out. Generally, it is recommended to use more frequently. The two major products that are out of the warehouse are placed outside. For the small amount of out of the warehouse and the less frequently used products, they can be placed in the warehouse.

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