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What is the bidet for?

Update:11 Jun 2021

A bidet (pronounced bid day) is a small low sink used t […]

A bidet (pronounced bid day) is a small low sink used to wash the genitals after going to the toilet. It is usually located next to the toilet, but should not be considered a sink. Bidets are popular in Europe and Asia, but not common in the United States. In the United States, you can buy bidet attachments for toilets. Some people may have a bidet in their bathroom. In modern American homes, usually the size of the bathroom makes it almost impossible to have both a bidet and a toilet.
People think that bidet is more hygienic than simple use. In Europe and Asia, bidet is more common, and it is also considered to be much more hygienic than just wiping with toilet paper after using the toilet. There are many very complicated bidets that can be used. Use a hot water jet to clean the genitals and use a hot air dryer to dry the area. However, it is quite common to provide toilet paper in European bathrooms, because the use of a bidet is beneficial. Some Americans are a little nervous about cleaning their genitals, especially outside the shower. But in Europe and Asia, this kind of reluctance does not exist, and washing is often a hands-on process. In fact, some people feel that toilet paper is unhygienic as a cleaning tool after going to the toilet. Some Japanese-style bidets do have a "hands-on" style. They can be electronic or remote, spraying water where needed. Other bidets are more like sinks. In these places, you have to turn on the faucet to get warm water for washing.

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The bidet installed near the toilet is a very helpful fixing device for some people. Patients with hemorrhoids can find a good sink in the bathtub, which is very helpful for their condition. Some hospitals also have bidets to help people with mobility impairments. These methods are considered to be a simpler method. Some people also recommend using bidets to wash other parts of the body. This is likely to encounter a lot of resistance, especially in the United States, especially when people recommend using the bidet as a baby bath. Some bidets are connected to the faucet, so the temperature can be adjusted for comfort. Unless the bidet is not used to clean the rectum and vulva, there are real concerns about the transfer of bacteria from one part of the body to another. It is hard to imagine putting a baby in a sink for cleaning the genitals. On the other hand, after babies have poor bowel movements, they can dip in the bidet to clean the bottom, which may be good for babies.

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