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What to do if the shower pipe leaks

Update:27 May 2021

Nowadays, the shower pipes in the home are generally ma […]

Nowadays, the shower pipes in the home are generally made of metal pipes with hose jackets. Therefore, the hose inside will be damaged due to some reasons and cause water leakage. Let's take a look at the common causes and solutions:

1. Improper installation, deformation of the rubber ring, uneven or thin outlet pipe joints, and mismatch between the hose and the shower.

Maintenance method: select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and reinstall.

2. The hose is broken

Repair method: just replace with a new hose.

3. Improper adjustment and excessive foreign matter and scale.

Repair method: rotate the shower nozzle to adjust it. If it still doesn't work, open the small round cap in the middle of the shower nozzle with a small flat-blade screwdriver, unscrew the screw with a Torx screwdriver, turn on the shower, rinse with clean water, brush the shower hole with a toothbrush, and then install and restore.

How to choose the right shower hose
Common materials for shower hoses include metal hoses, braided hoses, and PVC reinforced hoses. Different materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and there is no absolute good or bad. When buying in a hardware store, you can compare several materials. The key is to compare surface flatness, uniform clearance, smooth hand feeling, natural expansion, firm structure, and strong resistance to destruction. In addition, the size of the shower hose should be consistent with that of the shower. The general size is 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm in outer diameter. You can take the old hose and buy a new one for comparison

How to maintain the bath tube
First of all, you should keep the metal hose in a natural stretch state when showering. After use, you should insert the shower nozzle on the shelf. Do not coil the metal hose on the shower faucet, which is easy to deform due to deformation. damage.
Secondly, when pulling the hose, it is necessary to prevent the joint between the hose and the valve body from forming a knot. Be sure to look at it carefully. When pulling the hose, use a little force to prevent the metal hose from being broken or causing the hose. Cause damage.

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