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Shower Hose-electrolysis 3359

Shower Hose-electrolysis 3359

Specification: F1/2*F1/2
Material:AL201#Stainless Steel Band 0.14-0.21mm Stainless Steel 1.5m

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Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
Minimum order quantity:1pcs
Packing details:Boxed or paper bag packaging
Delivery time:Consultation
Payment method:Consultation


1. The Producdt is tsteles and geen eninmetal pretctoen healt, superor prformance, in ine with natonal sandards of G1719-199.
2. Light weight and low cost products, prices much lower than similar imported products.
3. The product havegel content reaches s 70% and soft and fexible, with sline, EPDM rubber match.
4. Product temperature performance, from -40C to 100C range.
5 The pod eromnc psse, Nomal empeure s 16 kg sin he woring rssee ange, bust psse ofs 100 kg woking pesre
6. The product aplia for braided hose, shower hose, and other drinking water connection pipes.
7. The product service life of 20 years.

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