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How to change the shower tube

Update:04 Aug 2016

How to change the shower tube The hose and the shower n […]

How to change the shower tube

The hose and the shower nozzle interface cannot be separated. You can see if the cover of your shower nozzle can be rotated and twisted down. The situation in my house is similar to yours. I just twisted the shower nozzle cover and replaced it with a new one. The effect not bad!

1: The things you need to prepare before you start are wrenches, shower heads, pipes, and rubber pads that connect the shower heads and pipes. After these things are ready, your work is half done.

2: The first step is to connect the shower head and the pipe. When connecting, remember to put the rubber pad on the connection and tighten it with a wrench. (It is easy to leak without putting the rubber pad, so be sure to put on the rubber pad) The completed effect is shown in the figure below.

3: After linking this part, we have to connect the main part, as shown in the figure below.

4: We put the rubber pad on the other end of the pipe, and stabilize the pipe by hand first, and then use the wrench to tighten the pipe connection.

5: Matters needing attention in the installation process, you must use two rubber pads at the connection, don't forget to put it because it is not there, so the interface is easy to loose after installation, so it must be put.

How to change the shower tube

Benefits of shower

The benefits of showering are twofold. One is to prevent cross infection; the other is to ‘massage’ the acupuncture points. In the current surf bath, water rushes towards the human body from different directions, which is also a ‘massage’ to the acupuncture points. The advantage of the bathtub is that you can add fried Chinese herbs.

Massage in the bath: soak in the bath for five or six minutes while massaging the body. You can use the pressure of static water and the buoyancy of water to move limbs and affected parts. When taking a bath, you can combine massage, such as rubbing your back. The best tool for rubbing the back is the loofah, which itself is a blind traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of activating the meridians. There is also sea pumice in Chinese medicine, which acts like a rough grinding wheel and has an expectorant effect.

After the introduction of the above article, we already know how to change the shower tube. The specific steps have been written above for everyone. The article tells you when you replace the hose and the shower nozzle interface It can't be separated, we just need to replace it according to the steps in the article. Similarly, I also tell you what the benefits of the shower are.

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