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What is a hose

Update:27 Dec 2021

The hose is an important component in modern industry a […]

The hose is an important component in modern industry and is widely used in modern industry. It can be seen in machinery, electrical, automotive, aviation, subway, mining, agriculture, and other industries. So what is a hose? Let's take a look at what a hose is and what the material of the hose is.
What is a hose
1. The hose is mainly used for wire and cable protection pipes and civil shower hoses, with inner diameters ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-caliber hoses with an inner diameter of 3mm-25mm are mainly used for the protection of precision optical circuits.
2. The hoses are mainly divided into threading hoses, drainage hoses, ventilation hoses, shower hoses, and wiring harness tubes according to their purposes; according to their materials, they are mainly divided into metal hoses, stainless steel hoses, corrugated hoses, and plastic soft hoses. Tubes and rubber hoses, etc.
3. The hose has lightweight, has corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, good flexibility, bending resistance, good tensile performance, strong resistance to lateral pressure, is easy to thread and install, and is widely used in industry and civil applications.


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